Pictured: Varidesk Pro Plus stand up desk conversion kit.

Have you ever imagined how your working conditions may affect your health? Today’s lifestyle demands people to work for more than 15 hours, and if not paid proper attention this can be the reason for several health problems.

Being sedentary at work counteracts diet & exercise efforts. While standing all day isn’t ideal either, simply sitting less contributes to higher overall daily calorie expenditure, fights off hormones attributed to belly fat, and the boost in both physical and mental energy is significant and instantly noticeable.

Working doesn’t have any alternative but definitely there are alternatives for the way you choose to work. People sit in offices for so long, which is none the less than inviting different diseases. Sitting for long time can cause severe damage to your body, to avoid such things now a days people use adjustable standing desks or one of many stand up desk conversion options  that are safer as compared to sitting desks.

You have heard of people complaining about severe back pain and weight gain problems. The basic reason behind them is continuously sitting for hours, without burning calories. It is obvious if you sit for hours, there is no scope for physical movement and burning fat.

And even sitting in wrong or same posture can cause severe back injuries.  So to avoid such things most now are turning to standing desks.

Enter the VARIDESK Pro Plus

Standing and working on the VARIDESK Pro Plus is definitely going to help you burn some calories and also reduces risks of various diseases.

The VARIDESK workspace is set with the monitors higher from the keyboard tray, and even if you can’t adjust between these two levels, it seems to be an appropriate height difference.

The keyboard tray is huge and very spacious.

Varidesk Keyboard Tray

To adjust the desk, you grab the levers on the sides and lift.  There are springs inside that assist you. To lower, you repeat the same process but push down.

Varidesk Handle

This product is one of the most reliable and the most preferred among this category.  Here are the features that stood out to us:

  • It’s heavy but portable.  If you leave your job, you can take it with you.
  • Adjustable height at many increments.
  • Separate keyboard tray which also elevates up
  • It has enough space for 2 monitors as it is 36 inches wide
  • No assembly required

One Issue To Consider

Though it passes most of our marks, the elevation mechanism on the VARIDESK swings towards the user on the way up.  In our experience this leads to reducing the amount of empty space you may have behind your desk and reducing your reach of other objects around it by just over a foot.  If you have plenty of open space behind you at your desk, this will likely not be much of an issue but will be definitely tight for a cubicle.

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