Standing Desk Conversion Kits (or desk riser)

Sitting all day is killing you.  Standing is an obvious solution, and you could just put your monitor on top of a box and work standing, but standing all day isn’t ideal either and you should really be able to take a break from standing without having to stop working.

My first work day working at my desk riser, I stood for about 7 hours total of the work day. When I got home for the night my back and feet hurt, I felt like I ran a marathon, okay maybe an exaggeration, but still they hurt. I was contemplating to wear slippers the next day, but felt I would be in violation of the dress code.

The pure greatness of conversion kits and desk risers is that you can change them from a standing position to a sitting position whenever you like. The conversion kits make a great transition to a standing desk.

Standing desk conversion kits have many benefits that come along with them and there are models for every budget.  Pictured below is the $499 Ergotron WorkFit-S  Workstation with Work-surface that attaches to your existing desk or table.  This adjustable height workstation moves your display & keyboard or laptop in one simple motion, making computing comfortable all day long.  The monitors are at eye level, and if not, you can easily adjust them too.  With the keyboard at the correct height, your arms naturally hover above them and the mouse tray at a healthy 90-degree angle bend in your elbows.  The optional hinged bow on dual monitor arms lets you tilt your monitors inwards with a arc, allowing for a natural and comfortable neck position.


Ergotron Workfit-S

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As in previous posts of mine you see the benefits of standing at your desk i.e. healthier, burning calories, more ergonomic, etc. but standing constantly for 8 hours a day isn’t exactly healthy either. Most conversion kits give you the benefits of both worlds. The ability to transition.  Our favorite, and Amazon top seller VARIDESK, for example, can change from standing to sitting positions, thanks to a spring assisted lift so you don’t have to heft all the weight of your stuff, and it can lock to any preferred height.

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