DK-04 is a motorized standing desk and computer case in one

If you’re interested in a standing desk, odds are you’re planning to stick your computer on or underneath it. At least that’s how things always worked before. Not anymore!

Soon you can eliminate clutter with the new standing-desk-cum-PC-case from Lian Li. Yes, the same company who created a train-shaped computer case has just released an awesome, and much more practical, standing desk PC case.

Lian Li’s new offering features fully motorized adjustability, sleek looks, and plenty of space to create a powerful computer for gaming or work (or both!).

Lian Li Standing Gaming Desk DK04

The DK-04 is fully motorized and easily adjusts from 26.5 – 46.5 inches with the press of the button. Those heights should accommodate most people. It also allows you to save 4 presets – rather than manually adjusting with the up and down arrows, you can hit a preset button to automatically move to your desired height.

The surface area of the desk will be 47.2 x 29.5 inches. Not huge, but plenty of space given there’s no need to worry about a laptop taking up room. One of the coolest features is the tempered glass surface, which lets you always keep an eye on the inner-workings of your PC. Just make sure you don’t forget a mouse pad!

If you love building your own computer, the DK-04 should give you plenty of space to customize to your heart’s content. It offers spots for up to 8 (!) hard drives, heaps of expansion slots, and room to add a liquid cooling system. Anchored cable clips and a removable motherboard tray make it easy to set everything up. The glass top also moves to allow easy access to all the electronic guts inside.

The desk’s aesthetic is fairly modern. The tempered glass top looks great, but the brushed metal front looks a bit cheap from some angles. I think Lian Li did a good job given the constraints of it needing to be a fully-functional computer chassis, but the aesthetic certainly won’t fit all styles.

Lian Li Standing Gaming Desk DK04

As for pricing, The DK-04 will cost $1,500 for the desk/case alone. Keep in mind this excludes all the computer components you’ll need to fill up those many expansion slots. $1,500 for a quality motorized desk isn’t a ridiculous price, but be aware that outfitting it will definitely ring up a tab.

Lian Li Standing Gaming Desk DK04

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