How to Choose the Best Laptop Bed Desk

We obviously love the benefits of standing while we work, but we also know that it isn’t always an option.  There is the obvious medical necessity to sit or lay down for some, but if we must work in a sedentary mode, which position is best for our health: Sitting or some variation of laying down with a laptop desk for bed?

Before I dove into researching and testing for the best laptop table for bed, I set out to research the effects of reclining for prolonged periods — and specifically how it stacks up, from the health standpoint, against motionless sitting.  My findings were somewhat inconclusive — However, it’s a no-brainer that reclining is infinitely more relaxing, comfortable, stress-free.  More importantly it feels more sustainable for long periods of time.  As long as some form of exercise is included on scheduled intervals of 20 to 60 minutes, a benefit of stress reduction can be a significant attribute that puts lying down ahead of sitting.

What features to look at when selecting a bed desk

Table & Table Dimensions: It’s important to think about exactly what you’ll need an adjustable laptop table for.  Will you only use it for your laptop?  Are you going to be writing?  Do you need to have a book open?

Tilt: This is a nice feature, but it’s important to consider that a tilt function on a cheaply built desk bed has the potential to become unstable over time.  This will lead to frustration, so it may be wise to spend more here if tilting is a feature you need.

Height & Clearance: How high or low does it go?  The desk should be easy to adjust and not only does it need to clear the top of a bed, make sure to measure and check if the base will fit under your bed.

Wheels: Some models have locking wheels to prevent it from moving around on bare floors.  Few models also offer the ability to easily remove the wheels for better clearance in fitting under a bed.

Surface: Is the desk smooth for writing? Or textured for extra grip while tilted?

Weight Capacity: Heavy laptops & books may be a concern with a desk with a low weight capacity, but consider if you will occasionally be using the desk as leverage to stand up.

and without further ado…  

The Best Laptop Desks for Bed

KIST Industries’ Best Over Bed Table

best bed desk

Several factors make this our choice as the best bed desk, but the one that stands out the most is that this thing is solid.  While other bed desks typically weigh 10-20 lbs, this heavy duty and durable piece of furniture weighs a whopping 42 pounds.

The table has a 27.25″ X 17.7″ section that has the ability to tilt 50 degrees, and in both directions, allowing it to be used on either side of the bed, and has much larger surface on both the tilt feature and the side table than just about any other table on the market to conveniently accommodate activities from working on a laptop to serving meals.

kist laptop desk for bed

Each side of the tilt surface also has stops built in to prevent your laptop, book or tablet from sliding off. There are four adjustable knobs to lock the table top more rigidly in place.

There’s a patented adjustment wheel on the arm that easily adjusts the height of the unit (to a maximum of 46.85″) simply by turning it with minimal effort.  What this means is that this adjustable laptop table can effectively transform to become an excellent standing desk!

The wheels under the unit can be removed so that the base can slide under low beds (With wheels on, 4″ of clearance is required).   Platform beds are also not an issue, as with 360 degrees of motion, the base can be turned away instead of having to place it under the bed.

Assembly is a piece of cake as the unit ships partially pre-assembled in 5 pieces for extra convenience.

We couldn’t find any other bed desk that came close to this one in features and durability, plus a lifetime warranty makes the $299 price tag appear to be an excellent deal for something that you’ll use daily.

Carex Overbed Table

budget best desk bed

Our budget pick is the Carex because it’s made of a lightweight, durable 16″ x 33″ ABS plastic table, that adjusts for right or left handed use, and is height adjustable from 28″ to 42″.

We love the fact that just like the KIST model, this adjustable laptop table can also be raised up to a height to fully function as a standing workstation. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.