Artifox Combines Dry-Erase Board & Standing Desk

Artifox, a company in St. Louis, the makers of compact and multi-purpose materials introduces a new product, the ARTIFOX STANDING DESK.  Made of walnut or maple with powdered coated steel, this standing desk is adjustable between 40-45 inches, has right-handed orientation and is about 100 lbs.  It has an erasable slate for drafting purposes and it also comes with tools for a five-piece set-up.

Artifox dry-erase feature

Why could the Artifox Standing Desk be the right choice for you?

1. Neat and Tidy Workspace

If your job requires the use of several tools or modern devices while you work, this table would keep them in the right places.

Artifox desk surface

Combining technology with handcrafted goods, this new product carries with it Artifox’s signature writable slate that allows users to write on the table itself. It also includes slots and compartments to organize and store cables, wires and devices in place.

artifox standing desk storage

Another accessory added to its feature list are the magnetic pegs in the front that may be used as bag or cable holders.

artifox standing desk in the office

2. Health Benefits combined with Productivity

Artifox aims to rethink home and office products and therefore came up with this smart design. This table allows you to stand while you work, hence, provides the benefits of standing that our body actually needs.

Studies show that the human body is designed to move all the time. It is not surprising that prolonged sitting results in a couple of negative effects.

When we sit for too long, our bodies stop burning calories and slows metabolism. That increases risk of getting cardiovascular diseases and slows metabolic functions that leads to conditions such lung, colon, ovaries and breast cancer and decreased blood sugar control. However, due to certain office tasks, we tend to sit longer than we should. Too much sitting is also linked to higher risk of getting old-age disabilities and is proven to reduce our lifespan.

Workers who move around and stand during work hours are likely to burn extra 1000 calories daily. It also reduces chance of getting Diabetes, obesity and heart disease. A study of 28 employees who were given standing desks and had reduced sitting time showed increased energy, enhanced mood and less fatigue. In fact, standing at work increases productivity by 10% — the reason Google and Facebook purchased standing desks for their employees.

One Possible Drawback

It should not be mistaken that workers should stand all day long.  Standing desk floor mats do help but as much as standing increases heart activity by increasing blood supply upwards, thus, alertness, it may also cause strains in the back and joints so it is still advisable to switch between standing and sitting.  This desk is not adjustable, so besides the standing desk mat, you would definitely need a adjustable-height standing desk chair (like this one) to be able to take breaks from standing.

So if you are looking for office equipment that will allow movement, increased productivity and organization through productivity tools built into the desk and are willing to give up height-adjustability, the Artifox Standing Desk is a beautiful choice.


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